Sleeper Hold

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A chokehold restraint used to subdue overactive, unruly, violent, or inebriated subjects, to prevent them from harming themselves or others. It acts by (1) reducing blood flow to the brain via the carotid arteries and blocking venous return via the jugulars, and (2) bilateral compression of the carotid baroreceptor, causing asystole or marked bradycardia, reduced blood pressure, and syncope; under controlled conditions, noncombative subjects lose consciousness within 6–15 seconds. The sleeper hold is safer than the air choke
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He said: "He came towards me and it looked like he was going for his pocket, so I got him in a sleeper hold.
The Welsh cruiserweight boxer said: "He came towards me and it looked like he was going for his pocket, so I got him in a sleeper hold.
Joe targeted Rollins' recently injured knee, but Rollins was able to survive and escape a sleeper hold that nearly finished him.
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The prosecution said Turner smothered Emily with a pillow and then strangled her using a sleeper hold.
The prosecution said that Turner used a pillow to smother Emily and then he strangled her using a sleeper hold.
So what we have heading into next week is Mitt Romney trying to maintain his dignity and keep his distance from Newt, who is doing his best to pick him up off the ground and body-slam him to the mat before applying the sleeper hold.
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Lucha Libre went for his patented wedgie move, which had little to no effect on Big Boy, and soon Colonial Foot Soldier was in a sleeper hold.
I witnessed a sleeper hold, like wrestlers do around the neck," she said.
If a woman is being held from behind in a sleeper hold, a quick cut on the arm of her assailant may buy her the time she needs to get to her gun.
Mr Mather-Lees said: "Mr Ahmed had Ms Jones in a sleeper hold, something he was well used to doing.