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Diligently tested and perfected by Northcube developers for over two years, Sleep Cycle alarm clock 5.
A good night's sleep consists of four to five sleep cycles that each include the deep sleep that is vital to our bodily rest and repair, and also REM sleep, when we dream.
Integral to managing the proper sleep cycles are the hormones melatonin and Cortisol.
You'll have to weigh up the pros and cons of waking up less grumpy versus getting a possible 20 minutes extra kip in the "wrong" sleep cycle.
At the start of the study, which involved 96 adolescents with no evidence of depression or other psychiatric disorders, researchers monitored the sleep cycles of participants for three days and collected saliva and urine samples to record cortisol levels.
The drug accelerated the sleep cycle by an average of 2 to 3 hours, according to a report in the journal Lancet on the company's studies.
Marijuana's impact on the sleep cycle can produce both acute and chronic effects on a person's functioning.
A new study suggests that the normal sleep cycle may be disturbed by MS.
None of this unduly disrupted my sleep cycle or caused stress-induced overeating.
If our REM sleep is disrupted one night, our bodies don't follow the normal sleep cycle progression the next time we doze off.
In those it affects, it can be extremely disrupting to the sleep cycle.
Dozing for only a few minutes cuts a sleep cycle short.