rapid eye movement sleep

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rap·id eye move·ment sleep

, REM sleep
that state of deep sleep in which rapid eye movements, alert EEG pattern, and dreaming occur; several central and autonomic functions are distinctive during this state.

rapid eye movement sleep

See REM sleep, Sleep stages.

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep

A phase of sleep during which the person's eyes move rapidly beneath the lids. It accounts for 20-25% of sleep time. Dreaming occurs during REM sleep.
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Characteristics of this condition include abnormal behavior during REM sleep, REM sleep without atonia, and the enactment of altered, unpleasant, or violent dreams.
After about 90 minutes of deep sleep, REM sleep begins.
As previously discussed, there are strong correlations among the duration of sleep, REM sleep propensity, and the phase of the body temperature rhythm at sleep onset.