Internet Serial Killer

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John Edward Robinson, a cyberstalker, and the Internet’s first known serial killer, who identified his victims on the Internet, and was later charged with murdering 5 women in 2 states. He stuffed their bodies in metal drums to hide the evidence
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POINT OF VIEW: Have students write a narrative from the point of view of a slave, slave trader, slave master, or abolitionist.
Washington Post cartoonist Herblock, he reminds us, showed Johnson as a white slave master whipping the White House staff.
Here the plantation's current occupant, C Hill Carter Jr, stood alongside Minnesota singer Joe Carter, whose great grandfather was born to a Richmond slave master. Carter believed his ancestor, `Big Bill', might well have been born on the plantation.
As you know, in slavery times, there was a political center where bad guys said, "Be a brutal slave master," and good guys said, "Be a benevolent one." But both accepted the assumptions of slave mastery.
Quote of the day: "By what standard of morality can the violence used by a slave to break his chains be considered the same as the violence of a slave master?"
They have unleashed all manner of media attacks against the one popularly called 'Oloye' by his fans, using pliable men who are obviously satisfied with being slaves, even though they are and should be living as freeborn, as long as crumbs fall for them from their slave master's table.
At the peak of European imperialism in Africa, Belgium's King Leopold II ran a personal empire known as the Congo Free State, and he stood as its only slave master. Congo was administered as a private property of Leopold II for personal enrichment.
SLAVE master John Miller vows to "skin" an escaped victim alive with a razor if he doesn't return to the McPhee lair in terrifying tapes released last night.
Mr Mulhall has appeared as an extra while his father played a Dothraki slave master. His two brothers have also been involved, as has one of their boats.
Each day the slave master would arrive to check up on them, threaten them and collect his cash.
A source told the New York Post that the hunky star didn't want to play a plantation owner and slave master because he didn't want his kids to see him in this role.
His slave master refused to arrange treatment and his leg swelled and broke in seven places.