Internet Serial Killer

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John Edward Robinson, a cyberstalker, and the Internet’s first known serial killer, who identified his victims on the Internet, and was later charged with murdering 5 women in 2 states. He stuffed their bodies in metal drums to hide the evidence
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His physical strength had intimidated his slave masters.
As you know, in slavery times, there was a political center where bad guys said, "Be a brutal slave master," and good guys said, "Be a benevolent one.
Mr Mulhall has appeared as an extra while his father played a Dothraki slave master.
He catches the eye of slave master Graecus and is dragged to the Pompeii city undefeated champion Atticus.
He catches the eye of slave master Graecus (Joe Pingue), who seeks a worthy opponent for undefeated champion Atticus (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) at the forthcoming games in Pompeii.
A source told the New York Post that the hunky star didn't want to play a plantation owner and slave master because he didn't want his kids to see him in this role.
His slave master refused to arrange treatment and his leg swelled and broke in seven places.
There was also a man, duped by a job advertised in Hungary, and on arrival here forced to work without pay, compelled to open a credit card account operated by his slave master, and forced to claim benefits for non-existent children.
The sources show what Jefferson was like as a father and grandfather, as a student, and even as a slave master.
You are the person I am looking for I presume' said Passmore Williamson turning from the slave master and directly addressing Jane Johnson.
Young 47 is destined for the hard life of a field slave on a Georgia plantation, but when he meets the copper-skinned runaway slave Tall John, 47 learns there are larger and more dangerous threats to all he holds dear than the violent slave master.