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Biggles is very outgoing for a Skye terrier and loves to show off and be shown.
Billy the bull terrier whose playful side is evident TR270207BILLY-5 Picture, TREVOR ROBERTS; Pictures, Trevor Roberts Jan Mason with her beloved skye terrier called Blue TR260207DOG-3; Billy (also pictured on preceding page).
Numbers have declined so steeply that experts fear there may only be 3000 Skye terriers left in the world.
Brian is happy to swap his tough guy persona for the part of the Greyfriars Kirk cemetery attendant in the classic tale which saw the little Skye terrier keep vigil at his dead master's grave for 14 long years.
The long-haired Skye terrier was courted in competitions around Europe for his distinguished locks.
SKYE terrier owners are fighting to save the Greyfriars Bobby breed, which has become almost as rare as the tiger and giant panda.
SKYE terriers were paraded through Edinburgh yesterday to commemorate Greyfriars Bobby
Last year, there were only 70 Bloodhound pups born, 51 Otterhounds, 64 field spaniels and 84 Skye terriers.