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Joseph, Bohemian clinician in Vienna, 1805-1881. See: skodaic resonance, Skoda rale, Skoda sign, Skoda tympany.
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* Within Skoda, there was a culture of trust and commitment; thorough communication process with VW's HQ facilitating the flow of information.
The launch of the new Skoda Octavia is divided into three phases: 1.
He says the demand for heavy machine tools like Skoda's 60-taper floor-type HBMs is still flat, but Cadek has his eyes on what may well be a coming new round of power station construction in Europe and the U.S., in light of recent power outages.
Liverpool is the first of two to be completed this year, with 20 more similar ventures planned by Skoda around the country.
The move, in response to customer feedback, also includes two dedicated demonstrator vehicles, funded directly by Skoda UK, at each of the participating retailers.
The latest Felicia from the Volkswagen owned Skoda family is now sporting a chrome grille, new bonnet and stylish lights.
* Since the training programmes began in May 2016, more than 12,000 SKODA employees have successfully completed the special courses.
Working with many different makes we eventually became main dealers for Skoda. I'm proud to say we are the oldest Skoda dealer in the North-east."
Quite honestly, Skoda as a viable brand looked pan bread.
This marks an unprecedented success for the Northern Ireland motor trade and is the first time that Skoda have awarded their top accolade to a dealership from the province.
In Western Europe, SKODA achieved 33,000 deliveries this November (November 2013: 34,000).