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Burrhus F., U.S. psychologist, 1904-1990. See: skinnerian conditioning, Skinner box.
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Five years ago, Wimer said, the Skinners didn't have any full-time employees at their motorcycle shop.
Wimer's job wasn't going so well at the time, so he asked if he could work for the Skinners, helping to bring them into modern day sales style, with an online presence and social media sites.
1 -- color) Steve Edwards advises Karen Bodner in what is said to be the world's only class for mule skinners, or mule drivers.
I want to be a mule skinner, probably because I'm very foolish,'' joked Kay Elder, 67, of Canoga Park.
As well as his dextrous work with the more emotive aspects of the book, there is another facet of 'Frank Skinner' which stands as a testament to his lengthy schooling - Skinner holds an MA in English Literature.
Frank' by stage-name and frank by nature, Skinner always seems to embrace the truth in his writing and when he hasn't he later admits to it.
It's the worst job in the world," said Sam Skinner.
One month after Bush's defeat on November 3, 1992, and Skinner was in his Elba, eating three kinds of popcorn out of a tin cylinder eight inches wide and two feet tall.
After more than a decade of fighting over DNA testing and nearly two years of analysis of two-decade-old biological material, evidence that Skinner says should prove his innocence will be the focus of court proceedings.
Police found a windbreaker at the scene of the crime, and Skinner has said it was similar to one that Busby's uncle, who has since died, regularly wore.
For more than a decade, Skinner has asked the courts to allow testing on a slew of evidence that was not analyzed at his original trial: a rape kit, biological material from Busby's fingernails, sweat from a man's jacket, a bloody towel and knives from the crime scene.
Lawyers in the Texas attorney general's office argue that Skinner is only trying to put off his inevitable execution and that the evidence of his guilt is so overwhelming that DNA testing is unwarranted.