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Burrhus F., U.S. psychologist, 1904-1990. See: skinnerian conditioning, Skinner box.
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I want to be a mule skinner, probably because I'm very foolish,'' joked Kay Elder, 67, of Canoga Park.
Susan Soderburgh, a former Bullocks store manager, is now a certified mule skinner, or muleteer.
Frank' by stage-name and frank by nature, Skinner always seems to embrace the truth in his writing and when he hasn't he later admits to it.
Perhaps all the years of holding an enthralled audience in the palm of his hand have lent Skinner the instinctive and effortless ability of being able to forge an immediate bond of familiarity with his readers.
No legacy is so rich as honesty' said Shakespeare - in more ways than one Skinner is a very rich man indeed.
One month after Bush's defeat on November 3, 1992, and Skinner was in his Elba, eating three kinds of popcorn out of a tin cylinder eight inches wide and two feet tall.
Skinner had arrived at the White House just a year earlier, in December 1991.
Their conclusion was always the same: It was all Skinner's fault, Skinner and the guys running the campaign.
Police found a windbreaker at the scene of the crime, and Skinner has said it was similar to one that Busby's uncle, who has since died, regularly wore.
Skinner's lawyers have also argued in court filings that three hairs found at the scene came not from Skinner or the victims but from the "maternally-related line of persons that included the victims.
Lawyers in the Texas attorney general's office argue that Skinner is only trying to put off his inevitable execution and that the evidence of his guilt is so overwhelming that DNA testing is unwarranted.
Today, lawyers for Skinner, who is at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, will argue to the court that legal impediments to the testing that previously existed are gone.