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To further address the strength and maintenance of alloantigen-specific tolerance induced by UVBiDC treatment, we performed allogeneic skin transplantation in tolerant and PBS-treated C3H mice 6 weeks after tolerance induction.
Skin transplantation was used more than 2,000 years ago but became part of western medicine only in the last century.
Baxter was a pioneer in skin transplantation and tissue banking.
The patient later underwent skin transplantation, and the repair was almost complete.
A new skin replacement material of donated human tissue provides increased range of motion, less postoperative pain, and fewer postoperative therapy appointments than traditional skin transplantation methods.
The fastest growing sector in tissue is skin transplantation (including collagen), mainly for cosmetic purposes, which accounted for approximately 50% of tissue transplants in 2002.
Skin Grafts As a result of the consistently impressive results in the area of skin cell preservation using AAGP(TM), a major international institution is interested in collaborating with PKTX to develop a protocol for skin transplantation for burn and trauma victims.
These cells, he speculates, likely play a role in the gender influence on outcome with lung and skin transplantation.