transdermal patch

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transdermal patch

A medicated adhesive pad that is placed on the skin to deliver a timed-release dose of medication through the skin into the bloodstream. Also called skin patch.


across the skin, particularly with reference to the absorption of drugs applied topically for systemic effect.

transdermal patch
a drug-impregnated adhesive patch applied to the skin for controlled release of the active compound. See also fentanyl.
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com/research/29914c/transdermal_skin_p) has announced the addition of the "Transdermal Skin Patches - Markets and Opportunities" report to their offering.
Our deep portfolio of patented NFC sensor technologies allows us to create ultra-thin battery-less diagnostic skin patches and custom IoE sensors for cell phones or tablets.
In another study of contraceptive skin patches, higher body weight - not higher BMI - was associated with higher risks of pregnancy.
ORAL HRT more than doubles a woman's risk of blood clots, compared with the use of skin patches, according to a report.
But independent market analysts Datamonitor yesterday said contraceptive skin patches, due for approval in Europe later this year, could take over as the most popular method for 20-something women to control their fertility.
But I suppose I've had quite a few little problems - a verruca, dry skin patches and occasional stomach aches.
Skin patches chronically exposed to sunlight have up to 10 times more cancer-causing gene mutations than does skin that is normally protected from the sun, a new study shows.
Moreover, patients who are unconscious or nauseated might absorb drugs more effectively through skin patches.
Seymour, adding, "if successful, such skin patches will be a very useful treatment strategy in combatting chronic diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C.
In the news release, Microneedle Skin Patches Proven to be At Least as Effective as Hypodermic Needles, issued 15-Jun-2010 by The American Phytopathological Society over PR Newswire, the name of the source was incorrect.
Vitiligo is a condition that leads to pale skin patches that lack pigment and burn easily - leading to an assumed increased risk of skin cancer, reports the BBC.
The product felt fresh on application and dry skin patches were reduced.