skin diseases

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skin dis·eas·es

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This study aimed to determine the spectrum and frequency of skin diseases presenting to a tertiary care hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.
Eczema, acne, allergy, skin irritation and lichen planus ranked among the top five skin diseases in the region.
Domingo also urged the management of public pools to be vigilant on individuals who have symptoms of skin diseases.
The mental impact of skin disease can devastate social life, sexual relations, work, study, and selfesteem.
Shahid Mehmood said, during the recent medical camp in District Kachi the health team has found many children infected with mysterious diseases, "We have informed the health department and skin experts to visit the area immediately while the department has constituted a team to collect the skin samples for diagnostic process." Calling of Government's assistance former District Chairman District Kachi Sardar Khan Rind has said, during the recent medical camp we have found a child affected with mysterious skin diseases but while talking to her she revealed dozens of children in her town suffering from fatal skin diseases, "The vermin caused by pimples biting the entire skin of children and they can't live more than six months after infected by this mysterious diseases.
He said majority of the recorded skin diseases cases is from megacity Karachi.
LEO Pharma research vice president, Thorsten Thormann, said, 'We are very excited about the partnership with PellePharm, who are pioneers in Gorlin Syndrome and experts in rare skin diseases. Supporting our ambitious 2025 strategy, it marks LEO Pharma's entrance in rare skin diseases and it offers a unique opportunity to bring the first treatment forward to people suffering from a very severe skin disease for which there currently are no approved therapies.'
Though no reliable data regarding prevalence of psoriasis is available, dermatologists believe that millions of people in Pakistan have been affected by this skin disease.
'Last month my family members suffered from skin diseases including itching and dryness.
Kadhim, (2017) used technique in data mining to classify skin diseases. For mining and processing of image data phase, the study employed decision tree.
The also called for more research works and forming uniform guidelines for all dermatologists to ensure control over skin diseases They were speaking at a seminar on 'Updates in Dermatology' organised by Department of Dermatology and Venereology of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) at Dhaka Club in the city on Sunday.