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Practice the skills needed for the job: Once the skill set is mastered, the employee-in-training should demonstrate competency.
The skill sets Builder I & II are designed to teach students how to build robots that are strong and efficient.
But Mr Ott surely has it right when he looks at the person in the round, and not simply at what skill sets they might have.
The company plans to expand e-learning opportunities to participants so that they may incorporate their new skill sets into busy schedules in order to remain competitive in the work place.
Look for increased training emphasis on law enforcement, internment/resettlement, and police intelligence operations, while we simultaneously continue to maintain expertise in skill sets involving Soldier survivability and maintenance of lethality against the enemy.
It does not seem to enhance any particular skill set within the community - maybe if they were being asked to run allotments and then sell their own produce it would smack more of community enterprise.
Remember, these skill sets can and should be adjusted to achieve your own goals.
Each of the 15 skill sets has one assessment for pre-testing and one for determining student mastery of the specific skill, complete with answer keys, re-teaching strategies, a bibliography of professional resources that addresses each skill set, and a complete cross-index of literature models.
The study provided an overview of the availability of IT manpower primarily based on skill sets. XMG has segmented the labor supply by educations attainment with at least a four-year bachelor's degree and other IT vocational courses and skill set.
Those skill sets include the use of synonyms, alliterations, descriptions, paragraphs, making advertisements, letter to the editor, writing limericks, haikus, cinquain, research reports, non-fiction narratives, essays, anecdotes, character sketches, humorous speech, the short story, and crafting the dramatic incident.
To increase the visibility of potential African American board members, the ELC is also in partnership with the National Association of Corporate Directors, and works toward registering members on the association's database--one of the primary sources companies use to seek eligible candidates in particular skill sets.