Skene, Alexander

Skene, Alexander

Scots-born U.S. gynecologist, 1838–1900.

Skene duct

Either of the two slender ducts of the Skene glands that open on either side of the urethral orifice in women. Synonym: paraurethral duct

Skene gland

Any of the glands lying just inside of and on the posterior area of the urethra in the female. If the margins of the urethra are drawn apart and the mucous membrane gently everted, the two small openings of the Skene tubules or glands, one on each side of the floor of the urethra, become visible. Trauma frequently causes a gaping of the urethra and ectropion of the mucous membrane. In acute gonorrhea, these glands are almost always infected.
Synonym: paraurethral gland
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