skeletal formula

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skeletal formula,

n representation of the bonding between two carbons in an organic compound. One line represents a single bond; two lines represent a double bond; and three lines indicate a triple bond.
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Some parties have a mass-based structure with deep roots into their respective constituencies while others have skeletal structures which inhibit their ability to mobilise their constituencies significantly.
She adds:"It will help shift the pressure of the baby pressing on maternal skeletal structures and organs".
But there are ghostly skeletal structures precariously standing, looted, and riddled with bullet holes.
Discussion points include the importance of horse conformation, mechanisms of horse evaluation, recognising horse skeletal structures, in addition to evaluating general appearance and focusing on horse balance.
Images were described by their anatomic features and, for illustration purposes, were accompanied by a photograph of the gross anatomy of the corresponding skeletal structures (Fig 4).
The building was built in 1973 in skeletal structures made of prefabricated elements.
The team translated the CT imaging results into a color-coded physical 3-D model with skeletal structures and supports made in hard plastic resin, and organs built from a rubber-like material.
Seven years have now passed since the financial crisis left crumbling cranes on skeletal structures in witness to the folly of economic overextension.
Sketches and etchings, such as Reclining Figure in Dark Landscape and Elephant Skull show how he related bones and skeletal structures to the landscape.
Design chapters cover, in order: skeletal structures, precast floors, considerations for working with composites, connections and joints, horizontal load accommodation, and resilience toward accidental loads.
We also found evidence of a new, more simple path by which skeletal structures would have evolved," Dr Boisvert said.