skeletal formula

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skeletal formula,

n representation of the bonding between two carbons in an organic compound. One line represents a single bond; two lines represent a double bond; and three lines indicate a triple bond.
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The team translated the CT imaging results into a color-coded physical 3-D model with skeletal structures and supports made in hard plastic resin, and organs built from a rubber-like material.
Seven years have now passed since the financial crisis left crumbling cranes on skeletal structures in witness to the folly of economic overextension.
Sketches and etchings, such as Reclining Figure in Dark Landscape and Elephant Skull show how he related bones and skeletal structures to the landscape.
Design chapters cover, in order: skeletal structures, precast floors, considerations for working with composites, connections and joints, horizontal load accommodation, and resilience toward accidental loads.
We also found evidence of a new, more simple path by which skeletal structures would have evolved," Dr Boisvert said.
The right side view, however, has her skin peeled back to reveal her muscular and skeletal structures and the foetus.
Plasticity of the infant's skeleton and rib cage allows skeletal structures to deform rather than break until a threshold is reached.
This futuristic collection, borrowing from the Baroque period had 3- D gold skeletal structures, bright Rajasthani coloured latex leggings, bindi artwork on the forehead and stacked up arm bangles.
Realised by advertising agency Butter, based in Duesseldorf, Germany, the calendar shows 12 models u except that the images are of their X-rayed skeletal structures.
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit', a website dedicated to the landscape of deindustrialisation in one of the most famous 'bare, ruined choirs' in the United States, offers a digital view of what those who live in the city see on a regular basis: the hulking empty buildings and skeletal structures of a once great industrial metropolis.
The aim of the paper is (1) to find structural support or the supposed unique biomineralization system of cirratulids, (2) to compare cirratulid skeletal structures with phylogenetically close sabellids and serpulids n order to find similarities, and (3) to find whether he skeletal ultrastructures of cirratulids have evolved ince the Oligocene.
Most don't have steel skeletal structures that connect to outer brick layers, Perry said.