skeletal formula

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skeletal formula,

n representation of the bonding between two carbons in an organic compound. One line represents a single bond; two lines represent a double bond; and three lines indicate a triple bond.
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But even though the skeletal model succeeded in establishing herself as a ludicrously unpleasant person, she's not the one who should be worrying the most.
A "muscle" was fixed in position on the posterior aspect of the skeletal model to represent the deformable nature of musculature within a residual limb.
SAMANTHA Cameron sat stony-faced as a positively skeletal model paraded past her at London Fashion Week.
This year, it's in the case of one particularly skeletal model for fashion label Erdem.
The skeletal model and the origins and insertions were taken from the work of Crownenshield [7], while the ligaments were modelled using the results from a later study by Wismans [8].
Steve McLean, project manager for the museum, said: "The tyrannosaurus rex is everyone's favourite dinosaur and this full scale skeletal model is really impressive.
A biomedical company may use the 3-D heart models to develop stents or a skeletal model to design a brace to straighten a crooked spine.
Maniken[R] Professional Series Human Skeletal Model
The skeletal model of Tyrannosaurus rex will be a major attraction in the pounds 26m Great North Museum: Hancock, which opens in April.
For every skeletal model or stick-thin actress, there are thousands of unhappy women who take the lead of their icons and obsessively calorie count, binge and vomit and spend thousands in their quest for unfeasible and unhealthy dimensions.