Six Months to Live

A popular phrase for a prognosis of expected lifespan in a particular patient
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The bill establishes a regulatory process under which mentally competent adults with medically confirmed terminal illnesses with less than six months to live, may choose to obtain a prescription for medication to end the patients life.
Terminally ill claimants must prove they have six months to live if they want fast-track payments under a special system.
A match was found but the transplant failed and Hazy was given just six months to live.
Anthony Smith was given between two and six months to live when he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in May.
Despite being told she had six months to live, she spent the next seven years undertaking an increasingly unbelievable series of challenges - many undertaken while receiving harsh chemotherapy treatments and while in severe pain.
His lawyers say that when he has less than six months to live and retains the mental capacity to make the decision, "he would wish to be able to enlist assistance to bring about a peaceful and dignified death".
He was given three to six months to live, but being the fighter and wonderful man he was, he did not take this as a given.
The Coventry 54-yearold was given six months to live in February last year.
Craig Sager, the longtime NBA reporter for Turner Sports, was informed by his doctors that a person with his condition usually has three to six months to live.
Gary Whiteley, 60, of Holmfirth, was diagnosed with lung cancer three-and-a-half years ago and was given just six months to live.
11 soundly rejected a right-to-die bill that would have allowed people with less than six months to live to end their life legally.
Stu Ridley, 25, has an inoperable brain tumour and was told in February he had six months to live.

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