Sisyphus syndrome

A term referring to the mindset typical of a stress-driven ‘type A’ person (e.g., doctors) who obtains little to no self-recognition or gratification from accomplishing the difficult goals he/she places upon himself/herself
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Sisyphus 'syndrome'

Psychiatry A mindset typical of a stress-driven type 'A' person, who obtains no gratification from accomplishing the difficult goals he or she places upon himself or herself. See 'Anal-retentive. ', 'Toxic core', Type A personality.
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Based in African, Jazz and Hip Hop dance, her choreography credits include Amiri Baraka's jazz/opera, The Sisyphus Syndrome; New York Hip Hop Theater Festival; and Philadelphia's Illadelph Legends Dance Festival.
He also reads his new poem "The Sisyphus Syndrome," which depicts Sisyphus as a metaphor for black cultural experience.
Future challenges include the aging of the population, technological change, international opportunities, and the Sisyphus syndrome. The authors suggest that the pattern of increasing medical care demands following technological advances reminds one of Sisyphus, the Greek hero who was condemned to unsuccessfully roll a lump of rock to the top of a mountain.