Sistrunk, Walter Ellis

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Walter Ellis, U.S. surgeon, 1880-1933.
Sistrunk band retractor
Sistrunk dissecting scissors
Sistrunk double-ended retractor
Sistrunk operation - excision of the thyroglossal cyst and duct, including the midportion of the hyoid bone through or near which the duct traverses.
Sistrunk procedure
Sistrunk retractor
Sistrunk scissors
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Based on the lesions atypical location, we obtained patient consent to perform a thyroidectomy and Sistrunk procedure.
The Sistrunk procedure has been shown to reduce recurrences (from 40% to 4%) by removal of the entire length of the duct, including resection of the hyoid bone, which is developmentally related to the duct and often (60% of cases) intimately associated with the cyst.
Histologic analysis after a Sistrunk procedure revealed a small focus of papillary carcinoma within the TGDC.
Several surgical approaches have been described to treat LTGDCs, including transoral marsupialization, cystectomy, and the Sistrunk procedure.