Sistrunk, Walter Ellis

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Walter Ellis, U.S. surgeon, 1880-1933.
Sistrunk band retractor
Sistrunk dissecting scissors
Sistrunk double-ended retractor
Sistrunk operation - excision of the thyroglossal cyst and duct, including the midportion of the hyoid bone through or near which the duct traverses.
Sistrunk procedure
Sistrunk retractor
Sistrunk scissors
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Accordingly, it is recommended that the Sistrunk procedure (SP) alone be performed in low risk situations with a clinical and radiologically normal thyroid gland [4, 5].
The standard treatment for TDC is a Sistrunk procedure, which comprises excision of the mid-portion of the hyoid bone along with the TDC.
Furthermore, depending on the clinical presentation, all patients underwent surgical intervention, which mainly constituted of the Sistrunk procedure and excision of the cyst.
Based on the lesions atypical location, we obtained patient consent to perform a thyroidectomy and Sistrunk procedure. During the procedure, a Kocher incision placed about 2 fingerbreadths above the clavicle in the midline of the neck was used to gain access.
The Sistrunk procedure has been shown to reduce recurrences (from 40% to 4%) by removal of the entire length of the duct, including resection of the hyoid bone, which is developmentally related to the duct and often (60% of cases) intimately associated with the cyst.
Conclusion: Recurrence of thyroglossal duct cyst remains low when the Sistrunk procedure is employed.
Recurrence rate after the Sistrunk procedure was 2 (8%).
Treatment of thyroglossal duct cysts is surgical excision (Sistrunk procedure) that includes excision of the cyst, the entire remnant tract, and a central portion of the hyoid bone.
The finding of a carcinoma in a TDC after adequate excision of the cyst, usually by means of the Sistrunk procedure (SP), is a surprise for both the patient and the physician [5].
Diagnosis is usually made incidentally after a Sistrunk procedure. Options for further therapy include total thyroidectomy, T4 suppression therapy, and radioactive iodine ablation.
Several surgical approaches have been described to treat LTGDCs, including transoral marsupialization, cystectomy, and the Sistrunk procedure. (3)