Walter Ellis, U.S. surgeon, 1880-1933. See: Sistrunk operation.
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Not true, said Joy Sistrunk, CPA, principal at Premier Group Services Inc.
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Each of the Sistrunk triplets had their eyes on different colleges, but ultimately decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents and attend the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, together.
Firmness was higher in smaller diameter cucumbers (P = 0.0187), consistent with previous findings by Sistrunk and Kozup [25].
Aera Energy CEO Christina Sistrunk said, 'Aera is committed to safe, responsible operations and is thrilled to extend our environmental leadership by using solar to power our production.
The imperative of the sistrunk operation: review of 160 thyroglossal tract remnant operations.
The patient underwent excision of the mass and thyroglossal duct cyst via a Sistrunk procedure with total thyroidectomy.
The standard treatment for TDC is a Sistrunk procedure, which comprises excision of the mid-portion of the hyoid bone along with the TDC.
The treatment of TDC is surgical, according to the Sistrunk Protocol [9].
(6) See Jeff Sistrunk Stairway's Bid For $25M Coverage Rebuffed By NY Court and Stairway Capital Mgt.
Groomsmen were Patrick Brawner, Joseph Cox, Travis Donald, Parker Ellis, Chris Harkins, Kirk McRee, Kennedy Miller, Dan Payne, and Phillip Sistrunk. George Malouf, Judson Mohan, and Taylor Munn served as ushers.