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brunescens appears to be isolated playing out group relationship with basalis and minor, the later as noted above play sister group relationship with each other and appear neatly held together by the synapomorphies i.
There is a relatively strongly supported sister group relationship between Hydrometridae and Hermatobatidae, which was diagnosed on the basis of upright egg deposition and a distinctly prolonged mesothorax (Damgaard, 2008b).
It differs from the other genera in the clade by the autapomorphies listed above, keeping, in one of three most parsimonious trees found, a sister group relationship with the assemblage Gojaoides-Rogojiella-Goja and Ianthorntonia.
The position of Nyctiphruretus remained unresolved within Parareptilia in the strict consensus tree of Muller and Tsuji (2007) but Tsuji (2006) recovered Nyctiphruretus as the sister group of a clade consisting of Macroleter and Pareiasauria in the single MPT (most parsimonious tree) of her analysis.
2001; Paraneoptera paraphyletic with Psocodea as basal-most Neoptera and Polyneoptera as sister group of Heteropterodea + Auchenorrhyncha: Whiting 2002; Psocodea paraphyletic respect to Thysanoptera: Kjer et al.
His vocalist is Shelley Poole, who was in 90s sister group Alisha's Attic.
The NBCC, along with its sister group the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (NBCCF), train supporters to lobby for breast cancer research at the local, state, and federal levels.
as a sister group to a caryophyllid-rosid-asterid clade derived from a
Phylogenetic analysis placed the isolate in a sister group to the other P.
The two species that could be included in Hylodesmum were placed as a sister group to the remaining species with 100% bootstrap support and 47 sites that distinguished the group.
Hamas and its smaller sister group, Islamic Jihad, have said they would not agree to a cease-fire.
The North American Retail Dealers Association and its sister group, the National Association of Service Dealers, concluded in their 55th annual review of the sector that the average for sales by responding members increased between 51 and 62 percent, depending on their merchandise mix.