Osler, Sir William

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Osler, Sir William

Canadian-born physician, 1849–1919, he is considered a leading figure in contemporary medicine, diagnosis, and the humanitarian care of patients. During his career he was associated with McGill, Johns Hopkins, and Oxford Universities, where he prepared a number of editions of his monumental The Principles and Practice of Medicine.

Osler maneuver

A physical examination technique used to identify pseudohypertension. The brachial or radial artery is compressed manually or with a blood pressure cuff inflated above detectable systolic pressures, and the artery is palpated distally. If the distal artery has a palpable pulse, pseudohypertension is present. The maneuver has poor reproducibility.

Osler nodes

Small, tender cutaneous nodes, usually present in the fingers and toes, that may be seen in subacute bacterial endocarditis. The nodes are caused by emboli dislodged from infected heart valves. See: infective endocarditis for illus.


Sir William, Canadian physician in U.S. and England, 1849-1919.
Osler disease - a chronic form of polycythemia. Synonym(s): polycythemia vera
Osler node - a tender cutaneous lesion characteristic of subacute bacterial endocarditis.
Osler sign - in acute bacterial endocarditis, circumscribed painful erythematous swelling in the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the hands and feet.
Osler II syndrome - recurrent episodes of colic pain. Synonym(s): ball-valve gallstone
Osler triad
Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome - see under Rendu
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Sir William Osler (1849-1919), 1st Bt: by Stephen Seymour Thomas.
Given the eminence of the collection, the erudition contained in the Bibliotecha, and the wealth of surviving correspondence, documents, and published research, it is my hope that Osler will find a future scholar who will write the definitive biblio-biography of Sir William Osler, bibliophile and collector nonpareil.
The prolific writings of Sir William Osler have long provided a rich vein of epigrams, maxims, and aphorisms for the physician.
More than 100 years ago, Sir William Osler prescribed the herb to relieve migraine headaches; prescribing cannabis at the time was commonplace.
JONATHAN GOLDBERG is Sir William Osler Professor at Johns Hopkins University.
He was a friend and colleague of Sir William Osler, the noted physician and bookman who generously bestowed first editions of Vesalius' landmark work on human anatomy, De humani corporis fabrica (1543), on various libraries, including the Library of Congress and The New York Academy of Medicine.
Pamela Nagami of Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills said she follows the advice of Sir William Osler, the famous internist who died in 1919.
As a great Canadian doctor, Sir William Osler, said, good medicine cures sometimes, palliates often, but comforts always.
Human beings have two basic passions, "to get and to beget," said Sir William Osler at the turn of the century.
Founded in 1998, The Griffin Corporation is a Canadian-based real estate investment company that owns and operates income-producing commercial real estate in Hamilton, Kitchener, Sudbury and Timmins, Ontario, including a 100% interest in "The Sir William Osler Medical Center" at 265 Sanatorium Road in Hamilton; a 100% interest in 73 King Street, Kitchener; a 100% interest in The Sudbury City Office Tower at 10 Elm Street, Sudbury and a 100% interest in "The 101 Mall" at 38 Pine Street in Timmins.
Sir William Osler was the most celebrated physician of his time, still renowned today for his achievements as a clinician, educator, philosopher, humanist, and author.
In reading Dr Michael Bliss' scholarly book on the life of Sir William Osler, MD,1 in the wake of the Alder Hey organ retention scandal in Liverpool in the United Kingdom,2 I was immediately struck by the following story, which did not fit with my preconceived notions of Dr Osler: