Macewen, Sir William

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Sir William, Scottish surgeon, 1848-1924.
Macewen classification
Macewen drill
Macewen herniorrhaphy
Macewen operation
Macewen osteotomy
Macewen saw
Macewen sign - percussion of the skull gives a cracked-pot sound in cases of hydrocephalus. Synonym(s): Macewen symptom
Macewen symptom - Synonym(s): Macewen sign
Macewen triangle - Synonym(s): suprameatal triangle
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Finally, in 1880, Sir William Macewen performed the first accepted account of endotracheal intubation for surgical anesthesia.
Resident surgeon Sir William MacEwen enlisted workers at nearby Clydeside shipyards to make more than 600 artificial limbs for amputee patients.