Smith, Sir Thomas

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Sir Thomas, English orthopedic surgeon, 1833-1909.
Tom Smith arthritis - septic arthritic condition that occurs in infancy.
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Essays by Dale Hoak, John McDiarmid, and Stephen Alford explore the thought and activities of Sir Thomas Smith, Sir William Cecil, and their fellow Cambridge humanists during the reign of Edward VI.
As Sir Thomas Smith explains, the clerk of the court entered these abbreviated phrases above the names of each prisoner, indicating the result of the proceedings.
Sir Thomas Smith and other parliamentary writers see the English monarchy as having a mixed constitution like the Roman republic, and thus use the nebulous concept of republicanism to affirm what they hope to preserve in the monarchy.
Grafton investigates the readers of Cardano's books, using as sources the marginal notes in extant copies, for example those penned by Elizabeth I's secretary, Sir Thomas Smith, and by Smith's protege, Gabriel Harvey.
As well as Knox and Aylmer, she also especially useful in her analysis of the writings of Sir Thomas Smith and the 1576 parliamentary speeches of Peter Wentworth.
44) In his De republica Anglorum, Sir Thomas Smith thus observes that Henrician England was "not easie to be governed by Lawe and politike order, men of power beginning many fraies, and the stronger by factions and parties offering too much injurie to the weaker"; especially in the northern counties, "the noble men and gentlemen .
3 Sir Thomas Smith thus remarked that riots "are not commonlie done by meane men, but such as be of power and force" (126).
Sir Thomas Smith expressed similar views in 1571 (Quinn, 1945, 546).