Jones, Sir Robert

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Sir Robert, English orthopedic surgeon, 1858-1933.
Jones abduction frame
Jones arm splint
Jones brace
Jones first-toe repair
Jones fracture
Jones metacarpal splint
Jones pin
Jones position - position for treating humeral fracture.
Jones resection arthroplasty
Jones suspension traction
Jones thoracic clamp
Jones towel clamp
Jones transfer
Jones view
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In 1899 Sir Robert Jones (who later altered his name to Armstrong-Jones) had a son, Ronald.
Grandad Eric Rumble, lived with his wife Annie, 73, and had worked as a bookbinder in Sir Robert Jones workshop on Harlow Street, Dingle, until the last decade of his life.
The work of Thomas might never have attained wide recognition had it not been for his nephew and pupil, Sir Robert Jones (1858-1933) who, after an apprenticeship with his uncle, got on the orthopaedic staff of the Liverpool Royal Infirmary.
We were both foreign trained, she in part by the founder of British orthopaedic surgery, Sir Robert Jones, and I in part by the founder of British orthopaedic medicine, Dr James Cyriax.
He invented several devices including the Thomas splint which was used to remarkable effect by his nephew, Sir Robert Jones, on the Western Front during World War I, drastically reducing fracture deaths among the soldiers.
In 1896, Lodge assisted the orthopaedic surgeon Sir Robert Jones and Dr Charles Thurston Holland, physician at the Royal Southern Hospital in Liverpool, to take the first clinical X-ray in Britain, which revealed a bullet in a young boy's hand.
The organisation was founded by Sir Robert Jones in 1902 and in July 2005 was part of the Prince of Wales Seeing is Believing scheme which encouraged top business leaders to visit small firms around the country to gain an insight into the many diverse skills in the regions.