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Sir Peter, English physics professor, 1933–, joint winner of 2003 Nobel Prize for work related to magnetic resonance imaging.
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We have a strong heritage of groundbreaking work in MRI at the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre and the work was carried out using our 7T scanner which is the strongest magnetic field system for scanning human subjects in the UK.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown compared winning a Pride of Britain award to a Nobel Prize as he presented scientist Sir Peter Mansfield with a lifetime achievement gong.
Professor Sir Peter Mansfield who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2003 for his pioneering work in magnetic imaging, officially launched the new Birmingham University Imaging Centre.
Britons Sir Peter Mansfield of Nottingham University shared the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday and Professor Anthony Leggett on Tuesday shared the physics prize.
Then there's MRI scanner inventor Sir Peter Mansfield, 75, handed a Lifetime Achievement Award by Gordon Brown and wife Sarah.
Other discoveries concerning MRI were honoured on Monday with the Nobel medicine prize which was won by three men, including Nottingham University physicist Sir Peter Mansfield.
Professor Sir Peter Mansfield, of the University of Nottingham, received the prize jointly with American Paul C Lauterbur who also worked in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.
Other honorees include Sir Peter Mansfield, who pioneered MRI medical scanning, Irish journalist Conor O'Clery and Neil Shawcross for distinction as an artist.
It followed those given to Sir Peter Mansfield and Professor Anthony Leggett earlier this week.
Professor Sir Peter Mansfield pioneered magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, which allows doctors to study internal organs without the need for X-rays or surgery.
Professor Sir Peter Mansfield, who gave pounds 25,000 last year, said: "Right now we need someone who can shout Blair down and shut him up.