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Osborne, English physicist, 1842-1912. See: Reynolds number.
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For more on Sir Joshua Reynolds, see Richard Wendorf.
In England, John Dryden, Sir Joshua Reynolds, David Hume, and others set forth views of the differences, generally giving imagination a broader and more important role than fancy.
To the academic painters who ruled European art, the goal of the artist should be, in the words of Sir Joshua Reynolds, "to raise the viewer's sensibilities by the grandeur of ideas, rather than to titillate the eye with superficial likeness.
In contrast, Sir Joshua Reynolds wrote of his craft in England: "A portrait requires in general three sittings, about an hour and a half each, but if the sitter chooses it the face could be begun and finished the same day.
The Reynolds manuscript, Portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds, was published by Yale in 1952.
For the last 14 years or so, I have been working on a book and, latterly, an exhibition--opening at the Wallace Collection this month--on the 18th-century British artist Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-92).
Through him you will meet the playwright Oliver Goldsmith, the painter Sir Joshua Reynolds and even Johnson's evil-tempered housekeeper, Mrs Williams.
Mark Paton, aged 44, repeatedly struck at an 18th century painting of Samuel Johnson by Sir Joshua Reynolds at London's National Portrait Gallery, causing pounds 10,000 damage.
Also included are Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sir Walter Scott, Mary Seacole, Emmeline Pankhurst, T.
Miss Angel' was the name Sir Joshua Reynolds gave the Swiss-born and Italian-trained painter who arrived in England in 1766 and stayed until 1780.
SEE the wide variety of art works spanning from the 18thcentury up until the 1980s -from Sir Joshua Reynolds to pop art's Andy Warhol at the Tate Gallery,Liverpool until March 28.
The painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds has an export ban placed on it to allow time for bids.