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Nicholas A., French physician, 1858-1927. See: Gilbert syndrome.


Walter, 20th-century U.S. microbiologist and Nobel laureate. See: Maxim-Gilbert sequencing.


The unit of magnetomotive force or magnetic potential.
[W. Gilbert, English physicist, 1544-1603]
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The Voyages and Colonising Enterprises of Sir Humphrey Gilbert, 2 vols.
1583 Sir Humphrey Gilbert drowns on voyage back from America.
In November, Sir Humphrey Gilbert set out on his first voyage, while in France Nicolas Pithou published his translation of Dionysius Settle: La Navigation du Cap.
However, the Trust possesses such a property in Compton Castle -- the boyhood home of Sir Humphrey Gilbert who received Elizabeth I's 'Patent for Discovery of Strange Lands' in 1576 and whose subsequent pioneering expeditions to colonise the New World led to the acquisition of the 'New Found Land' off the coast of modern-day Canada in 1583.