Galton, Sir Francis

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Sir Francis, English explorer and anthropologist, 1822-1911.
Galton delta - a more or less well-marked triangle in a fingerprint; in dermatoglyphics, the figure at the base of each finger in the palm.Synonym(s): triradius
Galton law of regression - average parents tend to produce average offspring, but children of extreme parents inherit parental peculiarities to a lesser degree than they appear in the parentsSynonym(s): law of regression of mean
Galton system of classification of fingerprints - a system of classification based on the variations in the patterns of the ridges, which are grouped into arches, loops, and whorls.
Galton whistle - a cylindrical whistle attached to a compressible bulb used to test hearing.
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The word was conceived in England by Sir Francis Galton, a naturalist, statistician, and Charles Darwin's cousin.
A Life of Sir Francis Galton: From African Exploration to the Birth of Eugenics' by Nicholas Wright Gillham is a biography of the renowned Victorian polymath Sir Francis Galton.
The method practised today was pioneered by Sir Francis Galton, who first demonstrated his theories in 1893.
The lawns and borders were once the walled kitchen garden to Lightwoods Hall, former residence of Sir Francis Galton.