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Sir Andrew, Shakespearean character known for his consumption of beef.
Aguecheek disease - chronic dementia in cases of liver disease due to intolerance of nitrogen produced after ingestion of large amounts of protein.
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An audience favorite was Christopher DuVal as Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a knight who has attached himself to Olivia's household.
The revels of Sir Toby, Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Feste the Fool are given the same sense of frisky urgency as the achy love pinings of Duke Orsino, his disguised page Viola and the countess Olivia.
I delight in masques and revels sometimes altogether', says Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Twelfth Night, 1.
Similarly, the low-comedy subplot involving the humiliation of Olivia's stuffy steward Malvolio by her housemaid Maria, her drunken relative Sir Toby Belch, and the ne'er-do-well Sir Andrew Aguecheek takes on darker tones than usual.
Geoffrey Lumb and Jonathan Broadbent were brilliant as the rowdy Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
Among the ensemble cast are Jodie McNee as Viola, Paul Duckworth as the clown Feste, Adam Keast as Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Pauline Daniels as maid servant Maria, as well as Liverpool favourites Alan Stocks and Neil Caple.
James Fleet and Richard McCabemake believable practical jokers as hopeless suitor Sir Andrew Aguecheek andthe booze-sodden Sir Toby Belch who go a little too far with their foolery.
Naughty But just as amusing are James Fleet as Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Richard Mc-Cabe as Sir Toby Belch, especially in the brilliantly-executed scene in the box tree which is literally a box made out of a tree, in which the naughty pair somehow manage to hide without falling out.
The expertly paired Eric Potts (Diggory Compton in Coronation Street) as Sir Toby Belch, and the ever amusing Kraig Thornber, as his foppish protg, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, made me laugh so much I'd got tears in my eyes.
Gregory Paradis makes for a splendidly foppish Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a would-be suitor of Lady Olivia's.
Neil Bartlett turned this idea on its head in this season's RSC production of Twelfth Night casting Annabel Leventon and Marjorie Yates as Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Sir Toby Belch, while actor Chris New took the part of Viola, the shipwrecked heroine who pretends to be a man and gets mistaken for her own twin brother.
Peter Amster will direct "Twelfth Night," with a cast of 21 that includes Michael Elich as Orsino, Robin Goodrin Nordli as Olivia, Linda Morris as Viola, Gregory Linington as Sebastian, Robert Sicular as Sir Toby Belch, Christopher DuVal as Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Kenneth Albers as Malvolio.