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Paul Lewis, BCWA spokesman for Wales, said, "This nation owes people like Sir Alexander Fleming and Joseph Lister a huge debt of gratitude, and there is a danger that those who changed the world of medicine for the better are becoming forgotten.
SIR ALEXANDER FLEMING Born in Lochfield in 1881, Fleming was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of penicillin.
1955: Death of Scots penicillin pioneer Sir Alexander Fleming.
They could follow in the footsteps of Sir Alexander Fleming, the Scot who discovered penicillin.
Sir Alexander Fleming (1881 - 1955) Discovered the first antibiotic drug - penicillin - after growing mould on bread.
Scotsman Sir Alexander Fleming took the number one spot with his discovery of penicillin and other top entries included playwright William Shakespeare and mathematical genius Albert Einstein.
What about a Sir Alexander Fleming Supper, where guests indulge in a mad sex orgy before someone pipes in the penicillin?
That's like saying Usain Bolt "only runs fast" or Sir Alexander Fleming "only discovered penicillin".
WRITE STUFF: Tommy Scullion, main picture, assembled one of the most amazing collections of signatures, including, from left, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Picasso and Martin Luther King; SWEDE INSPIRATION: Abba and Sir Alexander Fleming take pride of place in the collection, alongside, far left from top, Bobby Kennedy, Charles Manson and Pele
PENICILLIN: Sir Alexander Fleming, an Ayrshire-born inventor, was studying medicine in London when he discovered the antibiotic penicillin in 1928.
If Sir Alexander Fleming was still alive, he'd have been proud of the furry green fungus that had engulfed the insoles and rotted away most of the laces.