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John H., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Sipple syndrome.
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Walter Sipple, director of parole and release, Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston, U.
Sipple and Wolstenholme have written a novel so compellingly realistic, I wondered if it was a true story.
93) If not, providing Sipple with an entitlement of any sort (let alone a property right) would not be economically efficient.
UXBRIDGE - The Spa at Capron Falls crowned Kerrin Sipple of Mendon the winner of its prom queen promotion.
Sipple - Kristy and Michael Sipple, of Eugene, a son.
During this same time frame, according to a study by Kiernan Killeen and John Sipple at Cornell University, the percentage of students bused to school increased from under 10 percent to more than 60 percent.
Semmens Syracuse, NY Adele Shanley Rochester, NY Patrick Shanley Rochester, NY William Sheehan Lowell MA Anthony Shombardo Syracuse, NY Jeff Shriver Joy Sipple Dewitt, NY Derek Skinner Burlington, MA Joan E.
Sipple, whose interest in family history centered in the area has led her to writing several books, shows how Rochford's market still thrives, despite some question as to the fate of some of the nearby buildings, and how residents are now working hard to take care of this quietly beautiful place and its environment.
Sarah Sipple, Dowelhurst's technical/human resources director, said: 'We invited Mr Moon to address our managers because we enjoy excellent employee relations and we like to ensure that our managers are kept abreast of the latest legislation.
Bob Mulholland, the Democratic Party's pit bull, raised it in a letter to Riordan campaign consultant Don Sipple over the television ads that started last week.
Suzette Sipple is a Salt Lake City-based freelance writer.