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 [vi-bris´ah] (L.)
one of the hairs growing in the vestibule of the nose in humans or around the nose (muzzle) of an animal.
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hairs of vestibule of nose

one of the hairs growing at the nares, or vestibule of the nose.
Synonym(s): vibrissa [TA]
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(vī-brĭs′ə, və-)
n. pl. vi·brissae (-brĭs′ē)
1. Any of the long stiff hairs that are located chiefly on the muzzle of most mammals and that function as tactile organs, as the whiskers of a cat.
2. One of several long modified feathers located at the sides of the mouth of insect-eating birds.
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, pl. vibrissae (vī-bris'ă, -ē) [TA]
One of the hairs growing at the nares, or vestibule of the nose.
[L. found only in pl. vibrissae, fr. vibro, to quiver]
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any of the stiff sensitive hairs found around the mouth of mammals.
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