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This is supposed to be the sink hole," said one as we tried to find its location.
Heavy rain fell in the region over the weekend but the exact cause of the sink hole has not yet been established.
A spokesman said: "Work to fill the sink hole will begin next week and will be completed by the end of March.
Sink hole near Mine-1 should not affect shipment volumes
The resort has offered tours to Frigate Bird Sanctuary by boat, Darby's Sink Hole or Spanish Point; as well as adventure activities such as horseback riding, game hunting, kayaking and snorkelling for guests keen on adventure getaways.
Summary: A 22-ton fire engine had to be rescued after it got stuck down a sink hole in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
This estate was, when I moved here, a showpiece layout, but of late it is becoming just another sink hole.
The rupture of a large underground pipe created a 10-by-10-foot sink hole at Glenoaks Boulevard and Chevy Chase Drive, forcing the city to turn off water to the area.
A dog which fell down a 60ft sink hole was returned to its owner by rope rescue crews and a horse's leg was saved from an iron pipe.