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Mark I., late 20th-century U.S. laryngologist. See: Blom-Singer valve.
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It wasn't really clear why Singer did not show up to the set of the film, but the studio has been made aware that the director and the lead star of the biopic have been clashing off-cam.
Lebanese singer Melissa released a song featured international singer Akon in 2009.
A folk singer from Sindh Bagchand said that an attack on Zarsanga is attack on the whole folk music of the country.
The 19-year-old singer has since clarified that he is not referring to any artist on his tweets.
Maria revealed that the late Egyptian actress Suad Husni is her role model in the acting world and she considers Lebanese singer Fairouz to be a great and prominent singer, whose history makes her incomparable with any other singer.
Members of two Singer owners' clubs contacted the Friends of London Road Cemetery at the centenary of his death to ask if they could put up a bench in his memory.
Singer grew up in a poor rabbinic household in Warsaw, where his boundless intellectual curiosity was nurtured, eavesdropping (often behind a bookcase) on the Jews who came to his father's study for advice or for judgment on marital or financial disputes.
His adolescent doubts about the goodness of God, and his life-long resolve to conduct his "private war against the Almighty" connect Singer to an extraordinarily fruitful Jewish literary tradition.
At the opening night of Cardiff Singer of the World, she heard singers from England, Brazil, Korea, Croatia and Hungary, in the first of the five concerts to select the five finest young singers to go through to the final on June 17.
For their second meal Singer and Mason sample foods stamped with various "ethical" labels, indicating that the animals raised for this meal were treated with some humanity and compassion, that the vegetables were grown without pesticides, or that the growers were paid a "fair trade" price for their goods.
Batalla's "The Gospel According to Leonard Cohen," presented by UCLA Live, brings together singers Jackson Browne, Michael McDonald, Howard Tate, Dave Alvin and Julie Christensen in the service of such enduring songs as "Bird on the Wire," "Sisters of Mercy" and "Joan of Arc.
But for the show's finale, two singers will test their voices in front of a packed house at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, California.