sin tax

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'sin' tax

A popular term for any tax levied on 'pleasure poisons'–eg, alcohol, tobacco. See Alcohol, Smoking.
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The forum considered whether sin taxes are guided by clear taxation principles that reduce behaviors society wishes to discourage, or if they are simply a convenient means to help boost state budgets.
One of the major arguments raised against sin taxes is that they fall disproportionately on the poor, who typically engage in unhealthy behaviors at higher rates than other segments of the population.
One reason politicians turn to sin taxes is that they often face less public opposition than other kinds of taxes.
If they want to re-claim a position of genuine leadership, they should begin repealing sin taxes, on the basis that the imposition of any sin tax violates the rights of people who are peacefully engaged in lawful behavior.
The inclusion of the sin taxes in future tax reform packages of the DOF will also depend on Congress, Dominguez said.
Drilon instead proposed to raise the sin taxes, saying it's a 'rich source of revenue' and a 'health measure.
Associated Press -- While the Legislature has renewed sales taxes on food and utilities for years, some so-called sin taxes have been protected from increases since 1948, two lawmakers reminded their colleagues.
We've tried sin taxes on cigarettes and liquor and neither has stopped people from smoking and drinking, but taxing profits 100 percent is almost guaranteed to stop people from short-term trading.
The increase in sin taxes was originally included in the DOF's tax reform package five or the so-called "health package.
With regard to smoking, there are literally tons of evidence as to the ill effects of smoking on health, including what it costs the Filipino people yearly and who are affected (mostly the poor), not to mention worldwide evidence that sin taxes are one of the most dependable of revenue-raisers, and black-and-white evidence that our sin taxes are among the smallest in the region and the world.