simultaneous communication

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total communication

an approach to the education of deaf children that uses a combination of sign language, finger spelling, and oral communication.
See also: oral auditory method, manual visual method, combined methods.

to·tal com·mu·ni·ca·tion

(tō'tăl kŏ-myū'ni-kā'shŭn)
Habilitation of patients who are deaf or hearing impaired using any or all appropriate methods to enhance communication; particularly, the combination of manual and oral techniques.
Synonym(s): simultaneous communication.

simultaneous communication

In American Sign Language, the combined use of speech, finger spelling, and signing to convey ideas to another person.
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These products include Proxicom J/Forum, a Java-based discussion group application available with a relational database; Proxicom Chat, a "real-time" interaction product for simultaneous communication and Proxicom Publisher, a content authoring and administration tool for posting and controlling content.
Along with the current family of products, StarFabric can enable blade servers through use of its inherent characteristics, including scalability, high-availability, transparency, supportive of multiple classes of traffic, compatibility, open standard-based, and supportive of simultaneous communication.
The competitively priced base solution allows simultaneous communication for up to 50 chatters with the possibility of expansion to an unlimited number of people.
Cubic's high speed, jam resistant data links facilitate simultaneous communication among joint/collective forces, allowing troops, whether on foot, or in vehicles, helicopters and combat aircraft to share the same near real-time picture of a military operation in urban and other terrain.
The Cubic-built data link, one of the key elements of Joint STARS, is a jam-resistant radio communications system that allows radar images and moving target indications to be broadcast from aircraft to multiple ground stations, allowing simultaneous communication with multiple ground support units.
The End-to-End secured communication solution, can be used in different areas such as: Smart Metering, Street Lighting through Remote Relay Modules and Smart Grid to manage the simultaneous communication between sensors deployed over the Low Voltage and Medium Voltage.
Class I / 14th Newly established the railway crossing for pedestrians connected to the existing pedestrian crossing on simultaneous communication.
According to the company, the STT/KOR-24 is the first and only fully certified, two-channel, Link 16 and VHF/UHF radio terminal, providing simultaneous communication of voice and/or data.
For example, they would require that the parties meet face-to-face or by other means of direct, simultaneous communication and would allow them to schedule those conferences earlier.
While in flight, the STT provides simultaneous communication, voice or data, on two key waveforms for the battlefield of the future: Link 16 and Soldier Radio Waveform.
That's one of the key things that we have learned and need to work on to make sure it doesn't happen again, and that is simultaneous communication to all the relevant agencies when a warning is posted.
The SPR allows simultaneous communication for voice, data and even video with unlimited listeners over a range of more than two kilometers, ensuring reliable connectivity between team members and with command-level intelligence.

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