Sims, J. Marion

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J. Marion, U.S. gynecologist, 1813-1883.
Sims anoscope
Sims cannula
Sims curette
Sims dilator
Sims double-ended retractor
Sims double-ended speculum
Sims knife
Sims needle
Sims plug
Sims position - facilitates vaginal examination. Synonym(s): English position; lateral recumbent position; semiprone position
Sims probe
Sims proctoscope
Sims retractor
Sims scissors
Sims sound
Sims speculum
Sims suction tip
Sims suture
Sims tenaculum
Sims uterine sound - a slender flexible sound.
Sims vaginal decompressor
Sims vaginal speculum
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In such conditions, the lateral resolution of the SIMS probe remains better than 1 [micro]m.
At the micron scale, that is, the resolution of the SIMS probe in the present conditions, no spike in any of the alloying or trace elements could be observed at the outer surface of primary graphite precipitates.
SIMS probes the surface with a focused ion beam, and determines the mass distribution of electrically charged atoms and molecules that are ejected.