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This Prize is a simple expression of the love of the Arab and Musli nations for Prophet Mohammad, Dr.
La peinture que pratique Fatiha Zaki n'est pas qu'une simple expression personnelle dialoguant avec les formes, les couleurs, l'espace, mais bien l'affirmation d'un moi reste attache a des convictions esthetiques profondes, que son oeuvre peinte, quoiqu'a aujourd'hui ses debuts, commencent a devoiler au grand jour, et avec brio.
This is an eloquent and simple expression of the effects of today's reporting of events and social preconceptions.
There is a simple expression which says that you need wood and a spark to start a fire.
This ceremony is a simple expression of our desire for alleviating the agonies of the Syrian people, he added.
Un service public reduit a sa plus simple expression apres les multiples restructurations qui l'ont amene petit a petit a perdre ses prerogatives de soutien a la production et a la commercialisation, a la formation et finalement meme a l'octroi des credits fonds de roulement.
The attendees also lauded HRH's concern of the expatriate communities and his stances supporting them, asserting that the ceremony was a simple expression of their gratitude and lover for Bahrain.
Cette atmosphere lourde a reduit la marge des luttes politiques et syndicales, a sa plus simple expression.
In her view, this is a simple expression of discontent through various forms.
Cahit Sitki Taranci, one of the most significant poets of the republican period in Turkey, aimed simplicity through the use of metre and rhyme as he believed that poetry should be a simple expression of feelings.
In [21] it is formulated as an optimization problem for arbitrary number of antennas (but not general fading statistics) with no explicit or simple expression (5).
He hoped that the Scientific Forum which was held yesterday a simple expression for the esteem accorded to the Omani woman in the different fields.
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