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Arthur, German physician, *1877. See: Simons disease.
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"Hush!" whispered the count and turned to Simon. "Have you seen the young countess?" he asked.
Simon. I will read it to you, and in return you must turn over these papers and let me have whatever bears upon the matter.
Mrs Varden was too much scared by Simon's altered manner and appearance, and by the accounts of the rioters which had reached her ears that night, to offer any retort, or to have recourse to her usual matrimonial policy.
This little affair being over, Simon sauntered up again to his property.
"Hang it all," cried Simon, "a man gets into a garden, or he doesn't."
Father Simon was appointed, it seems, by order of the chief of the mission, to go up to Pekin, and waited only for another priest, who was ordered to come to him from Macao, to go along with him.
Old Simon turned pale, and put his trembling hands together.
Since her fainting spell, she dragged her leg, and as her strength was failing rapidly, old Mother Simon, who had lost her money in the grocery business, came very morning to chop the wood and pump the water.
"No malice, my young clerk, no malice," quoth Black Simon, "I have not a bitter drop in my heart for mine old comrade; but the quarrel, as he hath told you, is still open and unsettled.
"My Lord King," he cried, "that you be my Lord King alone prevents Simon de Montfort from demanding satisfaction for such a gross insult.
Ah, those gentlemen never choose the worst morsels; like Mere Simon's son, who has not chosen the worst strawberries.
You, Simon Nishikanta, won't put up another penny--yet your loan-shark offices are doing business at the same old stands at God knows what per cent.