Baruch, Simon

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Simon, U.S. physician, 1840-1921.
Baruch law - the effect of any hydriatric procedure is in direct proportion to the difference between the temperature of the water and that of the skin.
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Speaking at a rally of tenants held at the local Simon Baruch Middle School on 20th Street on Saturday, council member Garodnick said that he thought the offer to reduce the retroactive amounts, but not the monthly increase that would be charged in perpetuity, was only made because the monthly increase is added to tenants' base rents.
In the labor of a lifetime, Patricia Spain Ward has written a delightful biography of an iconoclastic family physician and public health reformer, Simon Baruch.
Advertising his "circumcision scissors," for example, Simon Baruch noted the proliferation of specially-designed "clamps, forceps, and scissors" being offered to physicians.