Silver Goose

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A flippant term for a proctoscope
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Goldline MEP's biggest ongoing contract is the AED45m ($12m) Silver Stallion Towers 1 & 2 in Dubai's Jumeirah Village Triangle owned by Stallion Developments.
Thowra, a manificent silver stallion, is locked in a savage battle with a mighty Brolga to become King of the Brumbies.
The runner-up Silver Stallion, went to "Un homme qui crie" (A Screaming Man) by Chad director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun.
A mother recounts a tale of a wild silver stallion to her daughter 1993 ***
Up-and-coming rider Mohammad Lamhireche, representing Wrsan Stables, took the trophy riding the silver stallion Al Mijlas.
For additional research, Mark read National Velvet, The Black Stallion, The Return of the Black Stallion, Snowy Mountains Saga and The Silver Stallion.
She must wait on the lonely moor 'til midnight, when the mountain opens up and the Queen of Faeries thunders forth on a silver stallion.
The most powerful and renowned Silver Stallion sets out from his herd in the Hidden Valley to explore regions to the south of his home territory.
Runner-up Silver Stallion went to Moroccan pic "La chambre noire," directed by Hassan Benjelloun.
The books form a complicated concatenated narrative--Beyond Life (1919); Domnei (1920--originally The Soul of Melicent, 1913); Chivalry (1909); Jurgen (1919); The Line of Love (1905); Gallantry (1907); The Certain Hour (1916); The Cords of Vanity (1909); The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck (1915); The Eagle's Shadow (1904); <IR> THE CREAM OF THE JEST </IR> (1917); Figures of Earth (1921); The High Place (1923); The Silver Stallion (1926); Something about Eve (1927); and others.
The runner-up Silver Stallion at Africa's biggest film festival, also known as FESPACO, went to South-Africa's John Kani for "Nothing but the Truth.