silver stain

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sil·ver stain

any of a variety of stains (for example, Bielschowsky, Gomori silver, impregnation stains) that employ alkaline silver nitrate solutions to stain connective tissue fibers (reticulin, collagen), calcium salt deposits, spirochetes, neurologic tissue, and nucleolar organizer regions.
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A metallic silver-based stain which is used to highlight basement membranes, and is of greatest use in glomerulonephritides, many of which have thickening or other glomerular basement membrane changes
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Keywords: Agarose gel, dsDNA, Silver staining protocol.
The present work on Silver staining of "Nucleolar Organiser Region's" (AgNOR's) in body effusions has been carried out in Pathology Department of SMMH Medical College, Saharanpur, to evaluate their role in differentiating benign and malignant effusions.
Periodic acid-Schiff and Grocott's methenamine silver staining were negative for fungus.
The PCR products were separated on 6% denaturing polyacrylamide gel, and visualized by silver staining.
This hampered semiquantification of the bands observed in Western blot, limiting the quantification to the calibrator bands that were stained in the gel by silver staining.
Therefore our preference was to run the LAMP products on 6% polyacrylamide gels and to use silver staining.
Silver staining highlighted the microscopic fibrillary structure of the Kryptonite (Figure 2(c)).
iMC23 cells and JB6 cells were cocultured for 72 h, then iMC23 cells were harvested to perform the tyrosinase activity assay or Masson-Fontana silver staining assay.
Investigative stains specific to paraffin embedded samples, such as silver staining of osteocytes, obtained good results after postembedding PMMA section decalcification.
Glycoform-specific LPSs are difficult to recover from silver-stained PAGE gels, because the silver staining process chemically modifies and irreversibly fixates LPSs into the gel.
The SSCP bands were visualized by silver staining following the protocol of Bassam et al.