Silver Alert

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A missing persons tracking system slowly being implemented in the US, which is modelled after the Amber Alert system for missing children. The Silver Alert system—named for seniors’ silver hair—is designed to provide early warning that an elderly person with dementia has gone missing (half of those not found within 24 hours suffer serious injury or death) and provide a means—a radio bracelet—of locating that person
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The data for the first three years in which the North Carolina Silver Alert policy was fully implemented, 2008, 2009 and 2010, were obtained from the North Carolina Department of Crime Control & Public Safety (
In our example, North Carolina's Silver Alert health policy, this is especially true.
As demonstrated by the case of North Carolina's Silver Alert policy, visual examination of multivariate data (e.g., count of alerts activated, adult population and location) is a sensible way to explore the data because it helps generate hypotheses and clarify tasks for the next phase of policy implementation.
Table 1 Descriptive Summary of Silver Alert (SA) Activated during 2008, 2009 and 2010 in North Carolina, USA Year 2008 2009 2010 Total Mean number of SA 1.3 2.4 2.2 5.8 activated Standard deviation 2.5 4.3 3.9 10.5 Minimum 0 0 0 0 Maximum 18 32 35 85 Count 128 239 220 587 Counties with no 52 43 44 26 Silver Alerts Note: North Carolina has 100 counties.
Other proposals include creation of a Silver Alert, modeled after the Amber Alert for missing children, that would be used in alerting Bay State communities in cases involving missing and endangered older adults (H 603); and establishment of grants for education programs to reduce the risk of falls by seniors (S 318).