Information Silo

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A stack of data in a specific discipline without cross-talk with other disciplines, such that one discipline may not understand others when using their terminology
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The biggest problem with the silo mentality is not about what happens within silos or departments.
Asked about obstacles to practicing ERM, risk managers listed some well-known hurdles, including unclear ownership of the program, silo mentality, lack of funding and lack of executive interest.
This shift from a silo mentality, one that often masks material risks or opportunities, to a systems-based value creation model is important to the IIRC.
If we do slip back into a silo mentality, the organization has mechanisms to make sure we are putting our best foot forward.
Vince swore that in his many years in the government, this was the first time he was seeing agencies doing away with the silo mentality and working closely together to deliver on promises.
There used to be a silo mentality in this business, especially in the supply chain.
The old silo mentality, that tended to act as a brake on the work of previous administrations has gone.
JS: Would it be a weakness for Japan to have a silo mentality in organizations where information and knowledge are not shared with other departments?
Thus, a content management system should concentrate on changing the silo mentality, breaking down silos of content, and digitally connecting them.
It's a fluid situation - I don't know what I'm talking about | Blue sky thinking - coming up with stupid ideas for other people to do | Pushing the envelope - (see above) | Silo mentality - when you all hate the people in the next department | Dial it up - work harder | Keep me in the loop - talk to me | Going forward - later | Offline (as in "let's take this offline") - later | Cross-pollination - talking to people | Thought shower - saying things without being bothered how stupid they are | Can we replay that?
To a very large extent these costs relate to the silo mentality within the industry.
It states that if Ms Wood does get to lead the Welsh Government a "strong First Minister's department" will "co-ordinate the strategic direction of government and bring an end to the current silo mentality of government departments which has dominated almost 17 years of Labour control".