Information Silo

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A stack of data in a specific discipline without cross-talk with other disciplines, such that one discipline may not understand others when using their terminology
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This self-isolation from others has been termed the silo effect by US anthropologist and finance journalist Gillian Tett.
However, teachers were not sharing their learning across grade levels or school sites--leading to a silo effect.
The Silo Effect begins with a story from the City of New York municipal government.
The Silo Effect : Why Putting Everything in its Place isn't Such a Bright Idea by Gillian Tett
A silo effect that previously separated the operating companies no longer exists, he added.
ENGAGE incorporates data assets into the same environment as the marketing platform, removing the silo effect.
This silo effect has created norms of interaction that have embedded themselves in the American way of life.
A silo effect in our education policies and institutions tends to segregate issues related to the education of our youngest children from those related to the K-12 public schools.
Creating a stake for all managers in the larger agency outcome and giving them seats at the table in distributing the agency's resources goes a long way to mitigate the silo effect.
Perhaps this is another consequence of the silo effect I mentioned earlier.
Some streetsmart organizations are finding that they can begin countering the silo effect by subtly shifting their internal focus from programs to individual consumers.