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Core was cast with the low melting point alloy that was melted and poured into the silicon rubber mould.
When many parts are required, a spray metal tool can be created from the stereolithography part rather than a silicon rubber mold.
A case in point is Guibao Technology, an organic silicon rubber producer, whose operating margin in 2010 was as high as 48.
It has been designed with a flat silicon rubber cable that will not tangle with your other cables or keep your center console from closing.
Granite Digital, a leading manufacturer of FireWire, SATA, SCSI, and USB storage solutions, cables, and diagnostic tools, today announced it has begun shipping a line of "Drive Shields", silicon rubber sleeves that slip over any 2.
By creating the parts directly without the need for machining, silicon rubber tooling and other traditional manufacturing processes, automotive customers can save weeks or even months of valuable time.
LadderWrap is made of a thick piece of orange silicon rubber with a black nylon strap and buckle and attaches to the top of any ladder to not only protect the wall from damage, but also to help prevent slippage because of the non-skid material.
As an added benefit the unit is also supplied with a lockable anti-tamper proof cover and blue metal detectable silicon rubber seal.
Tenders are invited for Silicon Rubber Adhesive Sealant Rtv-100 Series White Pack Of 100 Gram .
The industrial keyboard features a rugged ABS polycarbonate case with an easy-to-clean silicon rubber key overlay, and is built to withstand harsh, dirty, dusty, wet, and corrosive environments.
Through years of research the company has developed a core competency in manufacturing silicon rubber based implanted medical devices.
The new FL-Series features even lower-profile silicon rubber keys for easy cleaning and a new light grey color scheme that matches other hospital equipment.