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A bipolar device that permits a flow of electrons in only one direction.
Synonym(s): silicone diode.
[di- + -ode fr. anode, cathode]
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The pn junction of the silicon diode is replaced by a metal-to-semiconductor contact in the Schottky rectifier.
Used in combination with silicon IGBT or super-junction MOSFET, the CoolSiC Schottky 1200 V G5 diode raises efficiency up to one percent compared to when a silicon diode is used.
The amount of [I.sub.RR] that can be pulled back through a P-N junction Silicon diode, before it can block the reverse voltage, is proportional to the [Q.sub.RR] that must be removed from it, the amount of forward current it is conducting when reverse bias is applied, and the di/dt rate at which it is turned off.
The researchers, led by HP's Sven Moller, have used an organic material, found in items such as in clothes dryer sheets, and combined it with a thin-film silicon diode deposited onto a flexible metal foil substrate to build a write-once-read-many-times (WORM) memory device.
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