silica gel

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sil·i·ca gel

a precipitated form of silicic acid, used for adsorption of various gases.

silica gel

a coagulated form of hydrated silica, used as an absorbent of gases and as a dehydrating agent.


silicon dioxide, a compound occurring naturally as quartz and in other forms. A common constituent of urinary calculi in agricultural animals, a rare occurrence in dogs.

silica calculi
see silica urolith.
silica gel
commonly used in the laboratory as a desiccant; has been used topically on dogs and cats for flea control.
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Fraccionamiento del "crudo de saponinas": En una columna se cromatografiaron 10 g del crudo de saponinas utilizando silicagel fase inversa y como eluyentes mezclas de metanol: agua en proporciones 2:3, 3:2, 4:1 (v:v) y agua sucesivamente.
Tenders are invited for Silicagel breather suitable for power transformer having U/v stabilized poly carbonate container had oil cup filled with round balls orange silicagel of following capacity
Limited Tenders are invited for Improved design silica gel breather with provision of 02 way valve, silicagel capacity 02 kg for electric locomotive transformer HETT 5400 KVA as per RDSO DRG NO SKEL-4895 Rev 0 or of M/s.