Silent Spring

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A book by Rachel Carson which was the lightning rod that contributed to the launch of the environmental movement and to awareness of the adverse effects of human activities on nature
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Thomas Paine's radical pamphlet The Rights of Man and the book that ignited the modern environmental movement, Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.
She decided to write a book, calling it Silent Spring, which began by imagining what our world would be like without birds.
All four of the books written by marine biologist Rachel Carson explained the magnificence of natural world, but in The Silent Spring, published in 1962, Carson planted the seeds of fear that mankind could destroy that world.
6b00435) study , done by researchers from Silent Spring Institute, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Notre Dame and other institutions, published in the journal "Environmental Science & Technology Letters" found that among 400 fast food packages surveyed from restaurants in the country, 33 percent of them contained some form of the chemical fluorine.
The method of pairing texts by using books that share a common theme or information can be used to increase background knowledge needed for comprehension of the informational text and create motivation for reading a more difficult informational book, such as Silent Spring (Soalt, 2005).
Chan School of Public Health, researchers from the university's Center for Health and the Global Environment, and the Silent Spring Institute.
Carson's Silent Spring offers a close reading of the classic book that most historians acknowledge as an inspiration for the modern environmental movement.
Katie Singer, author of "An Electronic Silent Spring," will speak about health and environmental effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, cell towers, "smart" meters, wi-fi and other varieties of electronic devices and services.
In the fall of 1962, a group of chemical companies including Monsanto--at the time the largest producer of the cancer-causing chemical compound, PCB--launched a full-throttle public relations campaign against Silent Spring and its author, biologist Rachel Carson.
Over fifty years after its publication, Rachel CarsonAEs Silent Spring has become a oclassico scientific and environmentalist warning to EarthAEs future inhabitants about the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals on the environment and our own existence.
To support their unique mission, MBCC founded its sister organization, Silent Spring Institute, in 1994 to conduct scientific research on the link between the environment and breast cancer.
In 1962, Rachel Carson helped launch the post-war environmental < movement with her book Silent Spring.