Signed Exact English

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Signed Ex·act Eng·lish

(sīnd eg-zakt' ing'glish),
A system of communication that is a semantic representation of English in which American Sign Language signs are used in English word order and additional signs are used for inflection; used principally in the education of children younger than 6 years.
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If he or she writes in English format, signing exact English is being used and the inmate probably is an oralist.
Specialists at several sites are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and Signing Exact English (SEE).
To support the bill's passage and counteract proponents of Signing Exact English (SEE), the Philippine Federation of the Deaf is organizing a march-rally on Nov.
The Signing Exact English (SEE II, Gustason & Zawolkow, 1993) code was used by 32.