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Abbreviation for seaborgium.
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1. senior grade
2. solicitor general
3. specific gravity
4. Surgeon General
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“MAPS[TM] MEGACO, MAPS[TM] SIP, MAPS[TM] MGCP, and MAPS[TM] SIGTRAN can be combined to perform Media Gateway Controller functions - interacting with multiple Media Gateways and multiple Signaling Gateways and as a SIP server as well.
The platform consists of the Alcatel-Lucent Network Controller, Signaling Gateway (SG) and Network Gateway (NG).
TelcoBridges brands include: Tmedia (VoIP media gateways), Tsig Signaling Gateways, Tdev (development platform) and Tmonitor (real-time network monitoring equipment).
Sonus products include session border controllers, policy/routing servers, subscriber feature servers and media and signaling gateways. Sonus products are supported by a global services team with experience in design, deployment and maintenance of some of the world's largest and most complex IP networks.
The study covers the following products: softswitches, IMS (CSCF), media gateways, signaling gateways and session border controllers (SBCs).
Applications include LTE, WiMAX, media and signaling gateways, military communication systems, and ground control systems.
Featuring 24 10/100/1000 Mb switch ports, two 10Gb uplink ports and support for IPv6 routing, it offers the bandwidth required for demanding applications as well as the resilience required in high availability applications such as airborne or ship borne communications systems, media and signaling gateways, IP media equipment, telecom switching/routing infrastructure, and wireless infrastructure elements.
Brooktrout was acquired in October 2005 by EAS Group, the parent corporation of Excel Switching Corporation a provider of carrier-class media gateways, media servers, signaling gateways, and enhanced service platforms for original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, and service providers.

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